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The Project Intro:

My interest in mental health problems drives me to do more in-depth research. My research shows that although mental health issues in urban environments have been discussed broadly over the past decades, most of the study is focused on exploring how city planning, modifying landscape or other geo-based urban design can improve the mental wellbeing of dwellers. The experience within public transportation, on the other hand, is often ignored, despite the growing evidence to show it has a significant impact on mental wellbeing. As an indispensable part of urban living, there is a constantly growing demand for public transport. However, public transport has seen little or no expansion of rail capacity, Resulting in overcrowded spaces, long commuting times and harmful environments that increase anxiety and stress on arrival at home or workplace. Therefore, I aim to use this project as an opportunity to explore how the HCI community can bring better experience within the underground train to support mental wellbeing?

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